Founder Members of the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies, NAMCSS was founded in February 2015

The shooting club was founded to facilitate an avenue for East Kent Freemasons to follow their chosen sport among other masons and to show the shooting public that Freemasons also enjoyed clay shooting. There was also the opportunity to wave the Masonic flag at shoots and shooting grounds throughout the province.

The club meets regularly at one of the shooting grounds within the county of Kent, usually monthly but in many cases more regularly than that. Members also enter other shoots, these are arranged by masonic provinces (counties) as well as the county constabulary, the armed services, charitable organisations and corporate bodies.

Masons that have not experienced clay shooting before are very welcome and once a year the club hosts a “Come and Try It” afternoon where masons their families and friends can try the sport, the afternoon ends in a Bar-B-Q where everyone is able to talk about the experience over a relaxed meal and drink. We are also able to invite non-shooting masons, families and friends to our monthly meets.

The Provincial Clay Shooting Club are very proud to be Founder Members of the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies and support the ideals that it promotes wholeheartedly. The National Association promotes all of the finer aspects of clay shooting and freemasonry,